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MacVelo are a group of work colleagues and friends who have all been effected by alzheimers & cancer.

we wanted to do something about it

We are cycling from London to the Cairngorms in Scotland to raise money for two charities – Alzheimer’s Research UK and Cancer Research UK to help fight these diseases.

630 miles, 6 days

‘MacVelo’ Ride for Research will be a grueling 630 mile bike ride over 6 days with over 12,000 m ascents through some of the U.K’s most challenging cycling terrain. Our the aim is to raise £63,000,  £100 for every mile to be split between Alzheimer’s Research UK and Cancer Research UK.

22-28 September 2018

Our Team

The MacVelo team will consist of 18 riders and a volunteer support crew. With the majority of the team coming from the architectural practice Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP), who are a key supporter of MacVelo, we set our sights on the recently completed Macallan Distillery by RSHP as it provided an ideal destination for a charity cycle ride from London. Our route will take us through the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Scottish low lands and the Cairngorms – cycling over 100 miles per day.

Jack Newton, RSHP

Jack Newton

Architect, RSHP

Jack was the main organiser for the previous epic rides from London to Barcelona and then VeloFlo. Such was the stress in the organisation of VeloFlo, he vowed never to do anything similar again…only to proceed and propose VeloVeni 2 years later and now throw his hat in for MacVelo.

Not thinking that cycling 600 miles in 6 days is a big enough challenge, Jack decided to throw himself off his bike and break his hip earlier in the year, so is really facing an uphill climb (no pun intended) to get back in the game for MacVelo.

Jack has supported Alzheimer’s Research UK for many years and his altruism paid dividends when he started dating his now wife, the charity’s CEO.

John Dent, RSHP

John Dent

Architect, RSHP

A veteran cyclist, having previously taken part in numerous long-distance charity rides across Europe, John is looking forward to heading north and taking on some of the UK’s toughest terrain.

He will be riding in memory of his grandmother, Helen, who died of cancer 2 years ago.

Anja Kempa, RSHP

Anja Kempa

Architect, RSHP

Dawid Panek, RSHP

Dawid Panek


The only thing Dav likes more than cycling up mountains is climbing them. Always looking for another challenge and cycling with a group of like-minded people.

Dav is riding in support of Cancer Research in name of his friend George who died from cancer this year and his partner’s mother, who has been fighting cancer for the past four years.

Will Clayton, RSHP

Will Clayton

Facilities Manager

A veteran rider of both VeloFlo and VeloVeni, Will’s reputation has grown primarily around his bizarre stretching routines. He has been known in the past to have to be recovered from ditches after a stretching mis-fortune.

Tragically, Will lost both his sister and, in 2014, his wife Rachel to cancer. He is riding in support of Ovarian Cancer Research in memory of Rachel.

Povilas Gucevicius

Povilas Gucevicius

IT Support Analyst, RSHP

A key member of the support team for the VeloVeni riders in 2016, Povilas (aka ‘Pov’) is joining our ride again, but this time on a bike!

Inspired by previous Velo-cyclists, he has spent the last two years training, which should hopefully prepare him for Scotland’s demanding terrain. Douglas will not be around this time to push you up the hill!

The benefiting charities are personally important causes to Pov, raising money in memory of his godfather who sadly lost his own battle with cancer.

Jaime Cunha, RSHP

Jaime Cunha

Architect, RSHP

Jaime enjoys adventures, a bicycle always made part of his life. When in Portugal, his bike of choice is a mountain bike, but when in the UK, his road bike is his preferred method of transportation to explore new cities!

Adam Lampon, RSHP

Adam Lampon

Architect, RSHP

Adam’s cycling career started in an underwhelming fashion when he joined a team of RSHP cyclists on a ride to Osea Island for the annual office away weekend. He barely made it at all and spent most of the weekend recovering.

Not having been put off by the experience, he bought a bike and started training. His transformation has been commendable and Adam is one of the strongest riders in the MacVelo team.

Adam is raising money in memory of his grandmother who died from cancer two years ago.

Aymee Thorne Clarke, RSHP

Aymee Thorne Clarke

Archivist, RSHP

Theo Pagnon, RSHP

Theo Pagnon

Architect, RSHP

This floppy-haired Parisian will be bringing a bit of continental style to the proceedings on his impeccably tasteful Italian bike.

Rarely fazed, he’s most likely to be seen facing a monster climb with nothing more than a Gallic shrug – “Bof” and a completely unsuitable cassette.

Misha Smith, RSHP

Aviva Laurenti

Director of Traffic Engineering

Aviva is returning from the States for yet another epic ride with the MacVelo crew, having participated in London to Barcelona, VeloFlo and VeloVeni. She lives to cycle and is looking forward to putting her training miles to the test in the UK!

Edward Walker, RSHP

Ed Walker

Architect, RSHP

This is Ed’s first ‘Velo’ experience. Testament to how keen he is to join the team, he is sandwiching the MacVelo between both the Berlin and Chicago marathons, he is hoping that the ride will be a good recovery / taper, but this is very much an experiment.

He is sure to be spending a lot of time on the physio’s table!

Theo Pagnon, RSHP

Roslyn Stanwick

Client Engagement Manager, dRMM

Always a sucker for a good challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to join MacVelo. It’s my first time riding with the group and our ambitious route to Aberdeen both excites and terrifies me in equal measures. It will be twice the distance and duration of anything I’ve done before! Gulp!

When not on my bike, I’m either singing the praises of my multi-talented team at dRMM Architects or hidden behind my sewing machine, working on a friendly collaboration.

Misha Smith, RSHP

Misha Smith

Architect, RSHP

Misha Smith, RSHP

Charlotte Pike

Masters student

Hi, I’m Charlotte, I’m a masters student studying Freshwater and Marine Ecology and wanted to take part in MacVelo as it is helping to raise money for causes that I care about. I know many friends and families that have been affected by cancer in some way, and have seen the damage and destruction it can cause. I’m hoping the money raised for these charities can help fund the lifesaving research that goes into supporting those affected.

A little closer to home, my grandma, Anneliese Shipman, passed away last year on the 27th August. She had a seven-year battle with Alzheimer’s, and I saw first-hand the struggles she had to face when losing memories and functions that no person should have to lose. The medicines that she took and the carers she had were critical in ensuring she could live in the most comfortable way, and so I hope the money raised will help others affected by this life-changing disease, by helping to improve the quality of life for others in the same situation.

Everyone deserves to grow old with grace and dignity.

I have recently started cycling myself and believe that, aside from this being for a great cause, this will be an opportunity for me to help and see what goes into a cycle of this scale, with hopes to one day complete one myself.

Theo Pagnon, RSHP

Jimmy Dent

Head of Creative

Graphic designer, Jimmy (brother of John) is also a seasoned cyclist having previously taken part in VeloVeni, VeloFlo and London to Barcelona.

Jimmy lives in Lancashire and has some of the UK’s most challenging terrain on his doorstep, so is ready for the challenge.

Misha Smith, RSHP

Helder Pinto

Architect, Barton Willmore

Helder was challenged by Jaime for his first long cycle ride. Hopefully, the Scottish landscape can be a distraction during the long days in the saddle.

Theo Pagnon, RSHP

Chris Morrison


My family knows first-hand how destructive Alzheimer’s is and have lost one too many to cancer over the years. Most importantly, my late Grandfather, who was a massive part of Skipton Cycling Club in the 40’s & 50’s. As a cyclist, he was all too familiar with big sections of our MacVelo route. I’ll be thinking of him whilst we’re slogging it out through the Dales and inching up Feet Moss and Buttertubs Pass.

Theo Pagnon, RSHP

Abbie Nye


who we are riding for

MacVelo is raising funds for two outstanding charities; Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Research UK. These organisations were chosen as they are the two leading charities in their field, helping fight against two of the most debilitating diseases and afflictions affecting people throughout the UK and around the world. A number of our riders felt very strongly about supporting these organisations, having lost loved ones to these conditions. MacVelo is entirely self-funded, so every penny you donate goes straight to the charities.  Help these great causes and sponsor our ride!

Our Sponsors

We are incredibly lucky to partner with some amazing sponsors for MacVelo, all of whom have donated generously to our fundraising efforts!

Read more about our sponsors below and, if you are interested in becoming one too, please contact us using this form.

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